Saturday, February 8, 2014

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Thank You for your interest! is an exciting virtual experience so closely resembling my passion and profession as an Athletic Trainer. 

My hope is that you are compelled by my posts to actively pursuit the healthy you with healthy habits, positive energy and self help for injuries and common aliments.
Start off the week with MOTIVATION MONDAYS using my perspective on scenes from movies, pictures and quotes. 

My WEDNESDAY WINERS is for my complainers out there. I answer questions about injuries and recovery from workouts, training and general aches and pains.

FOOD FRIDAYS I share ways to make sinful foods and discuss why they are good and healthy options that don't taste like cardboard or paste.

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- Kelly

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Welcome to the virtual Training Table!

I'm a Board Certified Athletic Trainer currently living in Hawaii. My degrees are in Sports Medicine with a concentration in Athletic Training, minors in Health and Biology and Masters in Health Care Administration.

I have experience with Action sports (BMX, Inline, Sk8, and snowboarding), Gymnastics, Competitive Cheer, Acrobatics and Tumbling, NCAA Division I Football, Track & Field, NCAA Division II Wrestling and Softball, and Men's Ice Hockey.
I have met amazing Coaches, Athletes, Athletic Trainers and their families over the past 5 years. Their passion, commitment and friendships have helped me grow and I have learned so much! I want to be able to share my knowledge, life experience and continue to encourage life long activity for both athletes and non-athletes.

Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC's), have discussions with athletes that are unique, heartfelt, genuine and memorable. Blogging is the best way to simulate those real life encounters and remain connected with those who I do not have the chance to sit down with and do treatment, offer advise, teach and connect. I invite you to join me at the virtual Training Table by subscribing to my blog & sharing posts. Here's to pursuing the healthy you!